Digital signage in a modern workplace

Can digital signage improve communication in the modern workplace? Can it make employees more engaged? Can it improve customer experience?
Can digital signage make your office smarter?

There is no doubt that in a current busy, mobile world with information overload a lot of important communication simply gets lost. Traditional notice boards, company bulletins, even email aren’t as effective as they used to be just a couple of years ago.

However, there is digital signage! Digital signage done right with screens placed strategically can be an incredibly powerful, high visibility communication channel.

So why is it so powerful?

  • Because it’s interactive, it’s dynamic, it draws attention. With digital signage, it’s so much easier to get the message across to your staff. Whether that’s a company health plan, a reminder about planned maintenance, health & safety information, a company event or business performance metrics.
  • It’s instant. Your message will get to your audience right away. With the right software in one single click or a press of a button, you can display an important announcement in real-time on all your screens and in any office location.
  • Digital signage drives engagement and collaboration and this way creates a better company culture. For example, you can use digital signage in break-out areas by displaying entertaining videos, motivating, inspirational quotes or promoting various employee’s initiatives. In receptions and lobbies you can display data-driven content like real-time travel updates, news feeds, weather forecast, you can even use social media to show the latest, company tweets to keep your employees engaged.
  • Digital signage saves time and it’s sustainable: of course, it’s digital so no need to print anything but also the latest, professional smart displays with System on Chip (SoC) are extremely energy efficient. And the right combination of hardware and software allows you to remotely control displays brightness and even schedule their sleep time to save energy.
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