Sky News

HTML5 digital signage application to easily display the latest Sky stories on your screens.

Sky news digital signage application allows you to display the latest Sky news from a multitude of feeds such as e.g. local or world politics, sport, technology or travel.

Customize your app by adding active corners such as e.g. time, date, weather or your company logo. You can also choose from a variety of slide animations to make your displays look even more alive!


All of Signage Rocket apps automatically adjust to your screen orientation.

Active corners

Customize your digital signage theme by adding dynamic information to the corners of your screen.

Date / Time

Add current date and time to the corner of your screen. Works for any timezone.


Add your own text e.g. information, announcement or alert to keep your audience informed.


Add your own branding to each of your screens.


Display current weather forecast for any world location.

and more…
Real-time search

Just choose your feed and the template for your displays will be generated in real-time.

Real-time preview

Any changes made during app customization will appear in the preview in real-time so you always know how the app will look on your display.

Slide animations

Choose from 7 types of animations. Adjust animation duration, timing as well as the display duration of each tweet.


We understand that choosing the right software is not always easy and it’s very important to evaluate the product first to make sure it’s the right solution for your business.
If you’d like to see Signage Rocket in action and discuss your specific requirements get in touch! We also offer a 30 day free trial.

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