Display any content
on UNLIMITED number of displays

– Install Rocket Player on your display
– Manage & monitor all of your displays
– Create an engaging digital signage content
– Assign content to your displays

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With Signage Rocket you can

Display BEAUTIFUL & ENGAGING content on your screens in seconds with our super intuitive, data-driven apps. Forget about complex layout designers! With Signage Rocket no training or design skills are required.

Our Apps

Manage & monitor

Keep your network of screens running smoothly with our REAL-TIME device monitoring. Easily access device information, performance stats and remotely adjust your display’s settings.



Deploy your own data-driven HTML5 content to screens in seconds without wasting time or money on complex 3rd party INTEGRATION. Deploy your own HTML5 app to screens in just 60 seconds!

Custom apps

Rocket Manager

All-in-one, super-intuitive and easy to use cloud software that allows you to manage & monitor all your displays, assign content as well as deploy your own custom applications in seconds.

Rocket Player

Rocket Player is a cloud software that runs on your display and communicates with our Rocket Manager. It installs in seconds and remotely updates so you’re always running its latest version.

How does it work?

Install Rocket Player
on your display

display how it works

Pair your display
with Rocket Manager


Assign content / app
to the display

Platform key features
Built with the user in mind

Signage Rocket has been built with the user in mind, it eliminates all the complexity related to delivering content and managing multiple displays.

Real-time management

Easily monitor the status of all your devices & content, remotely adjust your screen settings. And when we say it’s real-time, we mean it!


Signage Rocket platform is all about data. Our apps allow you to easily create engaging digital signage content by connecting to external services such as Twitter, Dropbox, Google and many more.

Large network management

The platform has been built with large networks of screens in mind. You can easily monitor & control unlimited number of displays remotely and in any location.

System on Chip

The platform runs on modern Smart Signage Displays with System-On-Chip (SOC). SOC is a smart solution that offers performance, space saving and energy efficiency.

Fast & infinitely scalable

Built with the latest, rock solid and the most performant technologies the platform is blazing fast & infinitely scalable. Signage Rocket gives you peace of mind that everything will always work as expected.

Up and running in seconds

Just register, verify your email address and you’re logged in to your Signage Rocket account! Connect your display, choose your apps and that’s it, your message is on the screen!


We take security very seriously. In addition to encryption and secure protocols that we use, all your data is stored in a highly secured data centers and the network architecture meets the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations.

Fully automated

Signage Rocket is a fully automated platform, we will keep things up to date for you at no extra cost.

Supported devices

Signage Rocket is a device-agnostic platform and runs on smart displays with System On Chip. lt also supports BrightSign players, Windows as well Chrome browser.

Supported devices

perfect for
Corporate Environments
Gym & fitness
digital signage retail
digital signage real estate
digital signage hotel
digital signage airport
digital signage hospital
digital signage school
digital signage gym
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Find out what digital signage is, learn how to easily display engaging and dynamic content on your screens. Keep up to date with Signage Rocket new features and functionalities.

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