System On Chip
The future of digital signage

What is System On Chip?

No media player required!
SoC is a powerful multi-core processor mounted inside the enclosure of commercial-grade displays that replaces the traditional playback device and its cables. System on Chip makes it an All-In-One digital signage solution.

Traditional Installation
All in one

Signage Rocket has been built primarily for SoC displays. To run Signage Rocket you only need your SoC TV & the Internet.

All in one
Advantages of SoC

SoC (System on Chip) makes it an All-In-One digital signage solution that allows you to display content without a media player plugged in to the display.

Sleek and tidy installation

SoC offers smaller footprint as there is no requirement for separate playback device, additional cables or metalwork. The installation looks tidier as often needs only a single power cable for the display.

Cost effective

Even though the cost of a professional SoC display can be higher than a standard screen, the overall cost of installation often turns out lower in comparison to the traditional setup. This is due to the reduced complexity of the whole installation and any future maintenance.


SoC displays offer great performance and quality. The latest displays have quad core processors and provide support for 4k. They are also very reliable as they are made to last.

Energy efficient

The newest SoC displays offer great energy savings and with no external PC attached to your display the power consumption can be significantly reduced.

Time saving

Running digital signage on SoC display is really quick. SoC TV + Internet + Signage Rocket- this is all you need!

Supported SoC displays

Signage Rocket supports SoC displays from market leading manufacturers.

Samsung (SSSP range)

The Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is an all-in-one digital signage solution powered by Tizen.

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lg digital signage system on chip
LG (webOS range)

LG webOS range of displays run on a Linux-based operating system offering an all-in-one digital signage solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Isn’t it easier just to replace a media player box rather than the whole SoC display when it fails?

Theoretically yes, however, the statistics show that the reliability of SoC in the market leading displays is really high and the failure rate is lower than 0.5%. Therefore normally it’s not the SoC that would cause the breakdown.

How secure is SoC display?

The point of vulnerability for digital signage security, just like at the office and at home, is the computer. The SoC displays of the market-leading manufacturers have high-level security designed in, require signing certificates. ‘Smart’ SoC displays are single-purpose devices built to run a single app and are programmed to disable anything out of the norm. It would be hugely complicated to get a malicious third-party app written and installed on the market-leading SoC displays.

Additional Information

Why SoC is the future of digital signage?

A browser is becoming a universal platform and the languages of the browser are becoming dominant. Also, most new software is written primarily for browser use. System on Chip is all about web technologies. Furthermore, the hardware is becoming smaller and smaller, and yet much faster.

System on Chip = small in size & big on power!

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