Deploy custom HTML5 – digital signage

Are you a developer? A digital signage agency? Do you want to create your own web content and deploy it instantly to screens?

This video demonstrates how quick and easy it is (even for a junior web developer) to deploy HTML5 code/a custom web solution to digital signage screens. It could be a simple or the most complex data-driven application. With Signage Rocket’s architecture, you don’t need to worry about how the application gets distributed to all those different digital signage displays.

Benefits of using Signage Rocket’s architecture:

  • Scalability: no matter how much traffic there is, how many devices you have, we handle all that workload, data is delivered in real-time, there are no hardware constraints
  • Security:you don’t need to open up your own system to outside calls, separate calls from each display. You decide what you send us and we will distribute that data securely to your devices. No firewall to open on your side. There is no public access to your application or data.
  • Focus on core activities: It allows even a junior developer, UI designer with a basic knowledge of Javascript to tap into our system. This can be really beneficial for companies whose focus is more on content creation and want a quick , easy way to deploy a scalable solution to a network of screens/ displays
  • Cost and efficiency savings: you use Signage Rocket’s architecture so you don’t need to worry about setting up any servers.

Professional digital signage displays with SoC (System On Chip) used in this demo:

  • Samsung QB43N, running on SSSP6, Tizen 4.0
  • Samsung DB43J, running on SSSP5, Tizen 3.0
  • Samsung PM32F, running on SSSP4, Tizen 2.4
  • LG SM5KD, running on webOS 3.2 (3.0+)

as well as a digital signage media player: BrightSign HD1023 / v7.1.95

To deploy your custom application:

  1. Create a custom app template in the App Store
  2. Upload the code
  3. Add the app to My Apps
  4. Assign the app to display

There are 2 main methods of how to deploy your HTML5 code:

  • UPLOAD – demonstrated in this video
  • CLI (more advanced way, ability to automate everything e.g. Continous Integration, Continous Delivery).

The exemplary application consists of simple HTML, JS, CSS and image assets. The code can be written in any technology e.g. vanilla Javascript, Angular or React etc. What is important is the build folder that needs to be compressed to .zip.

Signage Rocket, a cloud-based digital signage platform, allows you to easily deploy your code to digital signage displays in real-time, whether that’s a simple HTML5 or a complex data-driven solution.

If you’re interested to find out how scalable and easy it is to deploy a more complex solution, expose application settings to other users, work with events contact us at

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