What is Signage Rocket?

What is Signage Rocket and how is it different from any other digital signage software?

Signage Rocket is a cloud based, digital signage platform with its main focus on simplicity and ease of use but at the same time offering great flexibility and performance. Ok, you might think now: buzz words, I’ve already heard it somewhere? Is it not what everybody else says nowadays?

With Signage Rocket creating beautiful and engaging content for your screens is dead simple. You can forget all about channels, layouts, zones, complex graphic interfaces. Do you really need a digital signage degree to put content on a screen? Not anymore!

We are all about apps. Our smart apps are standalone, single-purpose HTML5 applications that allow you to display dynamic content on your screens in seconds, without any training or design skills. Just to give you an example: it could be a News app – showing the latest news from BBC, CNN, Sky – you name it! It could be a Weather app – showing current weather forecast or a Twitter application – displaying the latest tweets from any timeline or hashtag. What’s more, our app store is constantly growing! Maybe you have an idea for a new digital signage application let us know and you’ll see it on our platform soon!

So what’s so cool about our apps?

  • First of all – they all look good and can be customized in just one click!
  • They will also ‘automagically’ adjust to your screen so you don’t need to worry about the screen size or whether it’s in landscape or portrait mode
  • You can choose from a dark or light theme, or add active corners without spoiling the design! – for instance to the corner of each app you can add your own text, weather update, logo or current date or time

On top of that with Signage Rocket, you don’t need to re-publish content to your screens each time you make a change inside the application e.g. you can add images or videos and they will appear on the screen right away and all the changes are seamless!

Would you like to deploy your own HTML5 application to screens? Not a problem! With Signage Rocket it’s as easy as pie! no need to worry about complex, time-consuming 3rd party integration. All you need is just 60s to deploy your own code to the screens!

What about the hardware? In digital signage, various type of devices can be used and all of them have different use cases. Signage Rocket is a device-agnostic platform and it runs on smart, professional digital signage displays with System on Chip (SoC) so no additional media player is required. The SoC displays include e.g. Samsung Smart Signage Platform or LG webOS. On top of that Signage, Rocket runs on Brightsign players, Windows as well as Chrome!

Ok, your screens are live! And now you want to know in real-time whether your displays are always playing the right content, that they are not overheating, that they haven’t lost the internet connection. You might want to save energy by putting all your screens to sleep at certain times, remotely update the software so you’re always running its latest version. With Signage Rocket you can do it all remotely, manage and monitor all your displays from one single dashboard in just one single click.

And last but not least: SIMPLICITY & PERFORMANCE are important to you but you’re after a digital signage software that can be easily tailored to YOUR needs, opposed to just another off the shelf product. If that’s the case Signage Rocket would be a great choice!

digital signage platform
  • Built with the user in mind
  • Real-time management
  • Data-driven
  • Large network management
  • Fast & infinitely scalable
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