Images & Videos

HTML5 digital signage application to easily display unlimited number of images and videos on your screens.

Images & Videos digital signage application allows you to upload an unlimited number of images and videos and easily display them on your screens.

Perfect digital signage application for any business, whether it’s retail, corporate, real estate or hospitality.

Enjoy gapless playback and choose from a variety of animations to make your displays look even more alive!

Quick & Easy

Simply upload your assets and put them in a queue. Change the order by simple drag and drop, select slide display animations and duration.


You can upload unlimited number of images or videos to Rocket Cloud without any additional costs.

Gapless playback

No matter whether it’s an video or an image the playback is always smooth. Any changes made to the live app will be applied to your screens instantly.

Real-time preview

Any changes made during app customization will appear in the preview in real-time so you always know how the images or videos will look on your display.

Resize mode

You can adjust the image or a video to your display by selecting from stretch-to-fit or fit-to-screen option.

Drag and drop

Simply drag and drop your assets in a queue to change their playback order.


Choose from 7 types of animations. Adjust animation duration, timing as well as the display duration of each image.

File formats

Various file formats are supported whether it’s .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .mp4 or .webm


All assets will be downloaded onto your device so if there is no internet connection don’t worry! The files will continue playing.

Portrait & Landscape

Any assets whether it’s an image or a video will adjust to your screen orientation.

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