Connecting digital signage displays

Remotely assign digital signage content and manage and monitor the displays/devices.

The displays in the video include the professional, commercial grade displays with an embedded System on Chip (SoC – no additional media player required):

Samsung Smart Signage Platform:

  • Samsung QB43N – running on SSSP6, Tizen 4.0
  • Samsung DB43J – running on SSSP5, Tizen 3.0
  • Samsung PM32F – running on SSSP4, Tizen 2.4

LG webOS

  • LG SM5KD – running on webOS 3.2 (3.0+)

as well as media players connected to standard screens:

  • BrightSign player HD1023 / v7.1.95
  • Windows player: MINIX NEO Z83-4

All of the digital signage displays and devices have got Rocket Player already installed. In order to be able to remotely assign digital signage content as well as manage and monitor the displays/devices we need to connect (pair) Rocket Player to Rocket Manager. The process is really quick and easy.

Once the displays/devices have been paired you get access to the device information such as e.g. temperature, disk, ram or CPU usage. Signage Rocket platform also gives you the device status so you know whether the display is offline or online. On top of that, thanks to live screenshots you can always be 100% certain of what is currently being played on the screen. You can control the device remotely e.g. change the display orientation from landscape to portrait, adjust the brightness, set up display’s sleep schedule to save energy.

Device monitoring

Keep your network of screens running smoothly with REAL-TIME device monitoring. Easily access device information, performance stats and remotely adjust your display’s settings.

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Supported devices

Signage Rocket is a device-agnostic platform and runs on smart displays with System On Chip. lt also supports BrightSign players, Windows as well Chrome browser.

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