Digital signage news apps

Bring your screens to life with dynamic, data driven applications!

HTML5 News Apps for digital signage allow you to easily display various news feeds from BBC, CNN or Sky on your displays. This type of content is great for your digital signage in any corporate environment such as receptions, lobbies or break out areas.

You can customize your app by adding active corners such as e.g. time, date, current weather forecast or your company logo. You can also choose from a variety of animations to make your displays look even more alive! Any changes made during app customization will appear in the preview in real-time so you always know how your digital signage content will look on your display.

The screen presented on the video is a Samsung QBN series, 43” running on SSSP6 – an SoC display (display with embedded System on Chip, so no external media player is required, offering all in one digital signage solution). The display has got Rocket Player installed that communicates with Rocket Manager.

All the content = HTML5 data-driven applications can be found in Rocket App Store. The purpose of the digital signage applications is that you can create engaging content for your screens in seconds without any design skills. Rocket App Store is constantly growing to meet the needs of all of our clients.

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