What is digital signage?

'What is digital signage all about?'- this is an often asked question

My name is Gosia Seefeld and I am a co-founder of Signage Rocket, a cloud based digital signage platform.

What is this digital signage is all about? – this is the question I often get asked since I started working in the digital signage industry. It’s not just my friends or family asking but also business people of various professional backgrounds. And not just until recently, when I was attending one of the networking events, it made me realize that even though digital signage has been around us for a while now most of us would not associate the term ‘digital signage’ with anything specific. So if you are not entirely sure what digital signage is but would like to find out keep reading:)

Let’s start with a shopping centre: I am sure you’ve seen those paper advertising posters, marketing campaigns promoting various products. So what is it to do with digital signage? Digital Signage is exactly that but in a digital format. What’s more: the content on the screen is no longer static, it’s often dynamic and can be interactive e.g. it can show live promotions, change content based on time of the day or even trigger change depending on the audience watching it.

Have you ever got lost in that shopping centre , maybe in a gallery or in a museum? In most places, you can now find dynamic & interactive wayfinding screens. So that touch screen you use to find your way around the building, that’s digital signage too!

What about quick service restaurants? If you’ve been to ‘that’ popular fast food chain recently you’ve seen those digital menus above the counter or maybe you’ve even used the self-order kiosks to avoid queues.

What about digital signage in corporate environments such as receptions, lobbies, offices or break out areas? What about schools, universities, hospitals, banks, airports, railways stations? In all these places you can find digital signage nowadays. The screen displaying corporate messaging, greeting visitors, showing current weather or the tube status, the screen showing live arrivals and departures and even warning you when there is an emergency. All of this is digital signage.

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