Samsung Smart Signage Platform

Signage Rocket runs on Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) offering All-In-One digital signage solution.
No additional media player is required!

The Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is an all-in-one digital signage solution powered by Tizen. Embedded in Samsung SMART signage displays doesn’t require any additional hardware to communicate with the server and play media content allowing for greater efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership.

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Supported SSSP

Signage Rocket supports a variety of Samsung displays.

OS Type Series
SSSP6 (Tizen 4.0) QBN, QMN
SSSP5 (Tizen 3.0) DBJ, QHH, QMH, QBH

Supported displays (.pdf)

System on Chip

No media player required!
SoC makes it an All-In-One digital signage solution that lets you deliver content to your screen without the need of having an external media player plugged in to your display.

Advantages of SoC

SoC (System on Chip) makes it an All-In-One digital signage solution that allows you to display content without a media player plugged in to the display.

Sleek and tidy installation

SoC offers smaller footprint as there is no requirement for separate playback device, additional cables or metalwork. The installation looks tidier as often needs only a single power cable for the display.

Cost effective

Even though the cost of a professional SoC display can be higher than a standard screen, the overall cost of installation turns out lower in comparison to the traditional setup. This is due not only to the lower player costs but also to the reduced complexity of the installation.


SoC displays offer great performance and quality. The latest displays have quad core processors and provide support for 4k.

Energy efficient

The newest SoC displays offer great energy savings and with no external PC attached to your display the power consumption can be significantly reduced.

Time saving

Running digital signage on SoC display is really quick. SoC TV + Internet – this is all you need to run Signage Rocket.

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